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Nifty Trend Finder:

This is Nifty Trend Finder. This tool will find Nifty trend instantly. You only need to put price of nearest call and put. Its that easy. Mobile users need to scroll horizontally to see the full calculator below :

How to use Nifty Trend Finder ?

  • To use this calculator you would like to use the CMP / LTP / price of Nifty index. For intraday enter LTP / CMP. For EOD enter the price.
  • You need the options information for the actual Nifty for this month.
  • Currently allow us to see the way to use this calculator. Let's imagine you wish to seek out the trend for Nifty index for tommorow.
  • you may 1st see the close value of S&P Nifty index. (Close value is 6242)
  • When getting into the price, you may see 2 textfields (one for call option and another for put option value.)
  • Enter the costs for the call and put shown.
  • Then you'll press the button FIND TREND.
  • On the basis of the calculation, you may get the immediate trend for Nifty index.

Example - End Of Day (EOD)

Lets assume Nifty inex last close price for today is 6242. You now can identify 2 new text-fields. one for call option and another for put option. (6300 call and 6200 put). You just put the price for this two CE and PE (last close value). You hit the button that says Find Trend. You now see a message that "TREND is UP".

Example - Intra-day

Now assume you just want to calculate the trend for day trading. You need to put the spot Nifty price. You just put the spot Nifty value of 6311. You will be able to see 2 new textfields for options. (6400 call and 6200 put). You there price for call and put. Let's assume 6400 call is quoting at 37 & 6200 put is quoting at 32. You simply put these prices at appropriatre fields of the calculator and hit the button Find Trend. You can see a message TREND IS DOWN.

Note: These calculations are based on trend derived from option price. You can use other indicators as well to confirm the trend.

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